Hans Voigt Steffensen b. 1941

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The painter Hans Voigt Steffensen is both an expressionist and a fauvist when he paints ballet, tango and flamenco. He paints dance images that are sensual and very moving when they capture the viewer with their strong expression. Since 1976, he has sat in the front row at the Royal Theater and drawing from both theater, opera and acting, and thereby he has trained the eye in capturing the movement with a few brushstrokes.

In addition, he paints landscape paintings from Denmark as well as from Venice, Sicily, France and other countries where he finds inspiration. Many of the travel photos are first painted on site either as a single drawing or with gouache colors, which he always carries with him.
Back at the studio in Copenhagen, the experience becomes inspiration for new oil paintings, which can be seen on the website.

Hans Voigt Steffensen’s paintings are oil on canvas.