Maja Lisa Engelhardt (b.1956)

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Maja Lisa Engelhardt (b. 1956) is a Danish painter; she is married to the painter Peter Brandes.

Maja Lisa Engelhardt has lived in Asger Jorn’s house in Colombes outside Paris since 1981, where she also has her studio, but her pictures are still nurtured first and foremost by strong nature experiences she received while growing up at Sejerø Bay. Engelhardt’s form of expression is mainly abstract.

She has decorated several churches. Often the center is a pasto figure; perhaps of the risen Christ we experience. Noli me tangere – “do not touch me”, is the name of her altarpiece in Skelund Church. These were Jesus’ words to Mary Magdalene after the resurrection. For Sankt Maria Church in Frederiksberg, she created Englevingen and Skabelsen.

Many of Engelhardt’s altarpieces are found in medieval churches. They are painted with light acrylic paints and framed in the frame of the original altarpiece.

Maja Lisa Engelhardt and Queen Margrethe have made illustrations for the Prince Consort’s collection of poems Roue libre / Frihjul, which was published