Ole Folmer Hansen b. 1937

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Ole Folmer Hansen (b. 1937) has since he was quite young worked with concrete / abstract art – in paintings, sculptures, graphics and decorations. Since 1964, he has exhibited at home and abroad, separately and in group exhibitions as well as at biennials and triennials. His works are represented in museums and institutions both in Denmark and abroad. In his compositions, Ole Folmer Hansen works to create a balanced and dynamic interplay between shapes and colors. The surfaces are uniform and saturated – both in painting and in serigraphy, which is his favorite graphic medium. Over the years, Ole Folmer Hansen has simplified his design language, and at the same time the colors have become increasingly cleaner and clearer. The image surface without traces of the brush, the sharp lines, the precise boundaries between adjacent color surfaces – there is a wealth of color tones, dynamics and refined balance