A bronce sculpture

Jean René Gaugin 1881-1961

A bronze sculpture of an antelope. c 1910

Signed R. Gaugin

Catalogue No 40 at J.R Gauguin 2002/2003 exhibition Veien Kunstmuseum
Catalogue No 31 at Jean René Gauguin 2014 exhibition at”La Piscine” Museum of the city of Roubaix.

Year c. 1910
Artist Jean René Gaugin 1881-1961
Price DKK 18.000 / EURO 2.500
Materials Patinated bronce
Height 13 cm
Width 22 cm
Depth 14 cm

The story behind


Jean René Gauguin (1881-1961) was a French / Danish sculptor.
He was the son of the French painter Paul Gauguin and the Danish Mette, born Gad.  Jean René Gauguin was the second youngest of a sibling group of five.

Jean Gauguin was trained as a carpenter and worked for a time as a sailor. But it was the sculptures that drew him in, and he came to subsist as a sculptor, though he received no education in this field. As a sculptor, he worked with wood, bronze and stone. He became an artist at Bing & Grondahl in 1923, and he worked in faience for, among others, French Sèvres.

At the Olympics in 1924, he won a bronze medal for the bronze statue the Fistfighter. The Fistfighter is now at the Statens Museum for Kunst together with other of his sculptures.  A couple of his statues are located at Ceres Park & Arena in Aarhus, a version in plaster and cement of Nævefægteren (also called Urkraften, 1926) and Fodboldspillere (1936),  while Diskoskasteren at Riisvangen Stadion,  also in Aarhus, formerly stood at Ceres Park.

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