Svend Langkilde, 20th C.

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The Danish furniture designer Svend Langkilde, became especially known for his many beautiful pieces of furniture, which were made of rosewood. Svend Langkilde designed many different pieces of furniture, but the best known are probably the many different chests of drawers and sideboards.

The chests of drawers and sideboards were made of rosewood in the 60s, and have therefore in recent years been a popular product among connoisseurs, because furniture made of rosewood has once again been coveted in modern decor.

Svend Langkilde’s characteristic is the way he created the legs that were to carry the chest of drawers. These are shaped like a classic wooden wooden frame and were in the time when the chest of drawers was created a new and innovative way of thinking about a frame under a chest of drawers.

Another new and innovative way of making handles was Svend Langkilde’s integrated handles in some of his chests of drawers. They were round and were cut out in the doors of the chests of drawers. The well-known doors are a way in which many classic chests of drawers and so on were designed back in the 1960s and 70s, and which today go on to be a classic sign of the old retro furniture.

The special rose Butlers Tray table in rosewood was also designed with a co-frame. The table top has mounted fine brackets in brass, which means that the table can function both as a loose tray, but also as an elegant but different table top.