18. Nov - 20. Dec 2023

A completely unique collection of over 50 works of art by the globally recognized artist group COBRA can be experienced from 18th. of November at Secher Fine Art & Design in Bredgade 25, Copenhagen.

Strong voices in post-war Europe, all with unique narratives
In addition to the celebration of the avant-garde group’s 75th anniversary, we also want to mark the creativity across nationalities, the spontaneity, and the experimental approach to art, which were the core values of CoBrA, says Anders Secher, and that is why we have chosen to show these masterpieces both in Belgium (Antwerp) and Copenhagen in 2023 as well as a unique selection at BRAFA in Brussels, 2024.

The oil paintings and bronze sculptures have been meticulously collected over the last three years, and until 20th. of December they constitute a very special art experience – and are represented by Pierre Alechinsky, Corneille, Karel Appel, Corneille, Asger Jorn, Eugene Brands, Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, Rooskens and many others.

The exhibition, COBRA 75 Years will run from the 18. Nov. – 20. Dec. 2023. Welcome at Secher Fine Art in Bredgade, Copenhagen.

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