“Clown – Circus Suite”, 1973

Karel Appel 1921-2006

“Clown – Circus Suite”, 1973

Signed and dated
Oil on canvas 101 x 67 cm

Exhibition catalogue Galleria del Leone 5 december 1974 – 15 January 1975

Accademia Gallery, Turin
Rinaldi Rotte Gallery, Genoa
Spagnoli Gallery, Florence
Leone Gallery, Florence

Year 1973
Artist Karel Appel 1921-2006
Price Price on request
Materials Oil on canvas
Height 101 cm
Width 67 cm

The story behind


Karel Appel (1921-2006) was a Dutch painter, sculptor and ceramist.

Appel studied at the state academy in Amsterdam from 1940-1943. After World War II he worked with drawings made by children and he had his first exhibition in Groningen in 1946.

He moved to Paris in 1950, where he shared an apartment with Corneille and Constant and he later became a symbol of the artist group COBRA. In his emotional paintings, you find dynamic shapes and strong colors.

Appel has among other things made murals at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (City Museum of Modern Art) and illustrated poetry collections. He received UNESCO’s award in 1954 at the Venice Biennale and Guggenheim’s international award in 1960. Appel began painting reliefs in 1968, followed by large sculptures made of wood, polyester and later in aluminum.

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