Cobra composition

Ejler Bille 1910-2004

Cobra mask composition, 1945

Signed and dated in pencil on the reverse

Oil on canvas 81 x 57 cm

Year 1945
Artist Ejler Bille 1910-2004
Price Price on request
Materials Oil on canvas
Height 81 cm
Width 57 cm

The story behind


Ejler Bille (2004-2010) was a Danish painter, graphic artist, poet and sculptor.

Ejler Bille attended the Academy of Arts in 1933. In 1931 he debuted at the Artists’ Autumn Exhibition. He was inspired by the nature of art and primitive cultures. He was aware of how the rhythm, surfaces, dots, lines, and colors of the abstract proverb played together. The image composition had similarities to music, and often he also gave his works titles like Composition – a word from the world of music.

Ejler Bille knew Asger Jorn since the young years. He also learned from Klee and Kandinsky. Later he became a member of the COBRA movement and Bille developed a proverb where he completely freed himself from the figurative and allowed the color to unfold freely throughout the canvas.

As one of the pioneers in the abstract art of Denmark, Ejler Bille was one of the most important Danish visual artists of the 20th century.

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