A freestanding sofa, attributed to Flemming Lassen

Flemming Lassen 1902-1984

A freestanding two seater sofa with stained beech legs. Sides, seat and back upholstered with white sheepskin,  This example made 1940–1950s

Attributed to Flemming Lassen

Year 1940´s
Artist Flemming Lassen 1902-1984
Price DKK 70.000 / EURO 9.400
Materials Sheepskin
Height 75 cm
Width 178 cm
Depth 88 cm

The story behind


Flemming Lassen (1902-1984) was a Danish architect and furniture designer. 

Lassen was in his early days employed at a couple of different design studios where the job at the childhood friend and boarding school companion, Arne Jacobsen´s design studio, appears to be the most prominent one. Here he worked until 1939. Later he became independant and he started his own design studio. He was teacher at the School of Fine Arts in the School of Architecture department. 

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